EWA Group has delivered worldwide transportation solutions and offering a complete logistics service since 1968.

We are constantly nominated as one of the major project forwarders in Egypt because our team provides top-notch customer service by understanding that the challenge is to come up with innovative logistics solutions to drive to success.

Our group is well known as a leading transportation company in Egypt and one of the major Project Forwarders all over Egypt, Providing an extensive global coverage for Inland transport and Freight forwarding.

Our Services

Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, E.W.A Group Special Services team takes care of all your logistics.

Our Solutions

Monorails in Egypt

Our team were responsible for handling the Monorails in Egypt and store them safely

Tank handling

Successfully handled a 6 meters height tank

Over-Dimensional cargos

handling 6 over-dimensional cargos from the 10th of Ramadan city to El Sokhna Port.

The cargos were up to 30m L x 9.5m W x 7.5m H.

Prime Movers

Direction doesn’t matter, however it knows where to deliver the 225 tons unit

Steel beams

Moving 65 meters & 160 tons steel beams for more than 120 kilometers .


Experts in handling any quantity of transformers safely and on time by the help of our huge team

Wind Farms

Successfully transported 300 out of 360 blades to Ras Ghareb’s site.


Handled new trains heading from Alexandria to Egypt’s new capital.


12units: 8 for Shabab and 4 for Damietta Each unit contains: Drums -75Tons/each

South Helwan

South Helwan   Transportation of unit 10x10x10m . 90 tons inside South Helwan

Reach your destination 100% safe

We guarantee that a highly professional technical team will always be available to provide solutions for the handling and transport of any type of cargo regardless of its size and weight.


Our Team

Our clients

Our Directors

Hamada Ghoneim

since 1980

position: Chairman of EWA group


ِAhmed Ghoneim

since 2008

position: Chief Operation Officer


Gihan Kohel

since 1999

position: Deputy CEO


Yasmine Ahmed

since 2012

position: Business Development Manager